Ecco gli ultimi libri di batteria che ho acquistato; quasi tutti sono della Hudson Music che ritengo una delle case editrici che più produce ottimo materiale per il nostro strumento.



Develop more relaxed movement, better flow, improved phrasing, and more advanced independence through the use of Ted Reed’s classic Syncopation.

With The Ultimate Guide to Syncopation, master teacher Bruce Becker takes Ted Reed’s classic book Syncopation and shows you how to use it to develop more relaxed movement, better flow, improved phrasing, and more advanced independence. Spanning more than four decades as an educator, Bruce has been bringing forward unique concepts in developing “the flow!” Through the years, drummers like David Garibaldi, Tris Imboden, Mark Schulman, Daniel Glass, Glen Sobel, Tim Carman and many more have sought his guidance.

In this book, Bruce adapts the exercises in the classic book Syncopation by TedReed to achieve fluidity of movement, phrasingand independence.The concepts presented in this book are designed to:

  • Choreograph your movement to achieve a better flow!
  • Build your own concepts for better phrasing
  • Stretch your independence

If you’ve checked out Syncopation but feel you have not unlocked the secrets that has made it one of the best-selling drum books of all time, Bruce will shed light on how to use it to supercharge your drumming. For longtime users of Syncopation, Bruce’s approach will give you hours of new source material for productive practice.

Includes over 2 hours of instructional video lessons demonstrating and explaining exercises and concepts from this book.

“This book is incredibly comprehensive in its scope. It ranges from the physical mechanics involved in proper hand technique all the way to developing greater four-way independence on the drum set. Stylistically it covers so much territory as well, from rock to Latin all the way to Elvin Jones-style bebop. It’s the hippest book I have seen in a long time!“

-Tris Imboden (Chicago, Kenny Loggins)

“I’ve known Bruce for many years and I’m also a former student. He’s one of my favorite teachers. A disciple of the legendary Freddie Gruber, Bruce takes what he learned from Freddie to another level.  He’s a master of movement and his exercises are very effective in building solid technique and relaxation. Thank you, B!”

-David Garibaldi (Tower of Power)

“Bruce Becker took a classic drum book and modernized it by creating a layer of education that actually shows drummers how to get the most out of the information presented. This is a must-have resource for students and teachers.”

-Jared Falk (Drumeo)

Bruce Becker co-led the David Becker Tribune for 35 years, recording 10 CDs. He has performed/recorded with Ron Carter, Mike Stern, Russell Ferrante, Barbara Dennerlein, John Abercrombie, Frank Gambale and many others. Bruce has conducted master classes all over the world and most recently has been a regular contributor to Drumeo, creating the very successful Drum Technique Made Easy course. He is the author of Puzzles, Rhymes and Riddles, and the DVD, Concepts and Philosophies.



A means for drummers to expand their fill vocabulary while improving timing, flow, musicality, and listening skills.

Fluid Fills and Musical Phrasing, by Dave DiCenso,  provides a means for drummers to expand their fill vocabulary while improving timing, flow, musicality, and listening skills. In the process, the exercises demonstrate how to interpret and play the most famous rhythms in Western music. The student is required to practice multiple ways of interpreting these rhythms, utilizing a vast array of rudiments and their variations. The book contains hundreds of variations based upon a logical system of concepts and their expansion and includes applications to various styles of music.

DiCenso has fortified this 156-page study with unique methods to help drummers not only grow and diversify their vocabulary, but to hear outside of it, in order to fill and phrase with greater precision, flow, and musical impact. Having used the concepts in his teaching, DiCenso has seen how well they work for students of any level.

Dave DiCenso has performed or recorded with Josh Groban, John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Hiromi, Duran Duran, Steve Morse (Deep Purple/Dixie Dregs), Gary Cherone (Van Halen/Extreme), Judith Hill, Carole King, Johnny A, Cro- Mags, Shelter, Two Ton Shoe, and many others. He is a Professor of Percussion at Berklee College of Music, and the author of the method books Rhythm and Drumming Demystified and Universal Rhythms for Drum Set.



A Unique Analysis of Philly Joe Jones’ Rudimental Approach to Soloing.

Philly-ISM, the second book in Tim Carman’s ISMS series, is a unique analysis of Philly Joe Jones’ RUDIMENTAL approach to soloing. More specifically, it’s a deep dive into Philly’s use of the paradiddle.

With Philly-ISM, you will:

  • Learn how Philly Joe utilized the PARADIDDLE sticking and its variations in his solos
  • Study 18 Philly solos from legendary recordings
  • Permutate, orchestrate, and subdivide the ISM
  • Analyze 9 additional Philly Trademark Phrases
  • Learn to sing and solo using your ISM over REAL song forms

Includes over one hour of instructional video lessons demonstrating exercises and concepts from this book.

“Tim Carman’s Philly-ISM is a deep dive into the sophisticated tool box that Philly Joe developed as one of the most swinging, and creative, drummers of all-time. Tim breaks down and clearly explains how Philly Joe took simple ideas, gained control over them, and was able to access them in spontaneous musical statements. If you’re interested in digging into Philly Joe’s concept, which is still quite relevant in today’s world, check out Philly-ISM.”

Steve Smith

“Philly-ISM is an interesting and effective approach to understanding some of the language of legendary drummer Philly Joe Jones. Tim’s concept is to look at one rhythmic cell and examine the various possibilities of that idea in a deep way in order to truly understand how to utilize that element in a musical way. This is a concept that once understood, can be applied in many circumstances. I often find myself utilizing a similar approach in trying to get as much mileage out of one idea as possible, so Tim’s book resonates with me. I have been enjoying digging into some of these great variations and solo passages already!”

Stanton Moore

“A great insight into the poetry of Philly Joe Jones, one of my all time favorite drummers!”

Mike Clark

“Tim Carman has assembled a masterful ensemble of insights into the stylings of Philly Joe Jones!! This is absolutely a “must have” for every drummer’s library.”

Bruce Becker



A comprehensive biographical, pictorial, and musical retrospective on the career of Steve Gadd.

Gadd: A Life in Time, is a look at Steve Gadd’s incredible career. Written by Joe Bergamini and produced by Robert Wallis.

This unique, coffee-table style collector’s book and package comes with not only the 236-page main book, but also a separate, spiral-bound, 82-page book of all the music notation contained in the hardcover book (designed for practice), and hours of bonus video. This limited edition will create a unique collector’s item with signed copies available on a first-come, first-served basis.

GADD: A Life in Time

  • The definitive musical biography of a legend.
  • Written under the supervision of Steve Gadd.
  • 236-page collectible hardcover book.
  • Includes 82-page spiral-bound notation companion book.
  • Nearly 200 color photos, many never seen before, from Gadd’s personal collection.
  • 36 full and partial song transcriptions.
  • Included: “Aja,” “Nite Sprite,” “Fifty Ways,” “Spain,” “Lenore,” and many more.
  • Contributions from Donald Fagen, Tony Levin, James Taylor, Eddie Gomez, Gary Katz and more.
  • Complete biography and musical analysis from author Joe Bergamini.
  • Culled from dozens of hours of new interviews with Steve himself.
  • Bonus: Access to the raw camera masters from Steve’s classic Up Close and In Session videos, plus a live Gadd Gang performance from 2002.
  • Limited edition, collectible hardcover printing, with a limited number of books signed by Steve.

With a career spanning four decades as the most in-demand recording drummer in the world, Steve Gadd is an icon of the music world whose name has become synonymous with groove and drumming greatness. As a sideman, his resume reads like a list of the most important artists of the last half century:  James Taylor, Eric Clapton, Chick Corea, Paul Simon, Al Jarreau, Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney, Steely Dan, Stuff, Chuck Mangione, and hundreds of others. With an instantly identifiable feel, sound, and vocabulary, he is considered by drummers to be one of the all-time greats, and is easily one of the most copied, studied, and imitated players in drum set history.

Written by Bergamini under Gadd’s supervision and culled from dozens of hours of new interviews with him, A Life in Time offers a compelling look at all the aspects of Steve’s career. From his rise out of Rochester into the New York studios and through his staggering body of work up to the present day, go behind the scenes at monumental recording sessions during a golden age of music in New York City and Los Angeles, and backstage with Clapton, Taylor, The Gadd Gang and more. A foreword by James Taylor; exclusive new commentary from Tony Levin, Eddie Gomez, Donald Fagen, and Gary Katz; and archival interviews with Chick Corea, Eric Clapton, Phil Ramone, and Russ Titelman add compelling detail to the story.

A combination of biography, scholarly analysis, transcription book, and photo memoir, the book brings all these elements together into a beautiful package. Musicians and fans can experience the sessions that led to the creation of iconic songs and drum parts from the perspective of the people who were there. Drummers who want to study and learn Gadd’s parts will find note-for-note transcriptions from his most famous tracks and performances, including “Aja,” “Nite Sprite,” “Late in the Evening,” “Chuck E.’s in Love,” “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover,” “Lenore,” “Spain,” “Love for Sale,” and many, many more. Intense solo performances from The Gadd Gang, Steps, and others are also included. The notation is coupled with expert analysis from the author, providing insight into the music and Gadd’s creative process. With unprecedented access to Steve’s personal collection, the book is beautifully tied together with close to 200 photographs, many in full color and never published before.

Print Book | 236 Pages Hardcover with 82 Page Softcover Notation Book


“Steve Gadd is a national treasure and a gift to the world of music. It’s truly wonderful to have this book to honor and celebrate a man who has been a beacon of light to generations of musicians for decades. Steve’s musical contributions will be studied, listened to, grooved to, danced to, and enjoyed by humans until the end of time. Thanks for creating this incredible book, and thanks to Steve Gadd for making life a richer experience for us all.”
– Todd Sucherman (Styx)

“Steve Gadd set the bar for musical drumming at the highest level. Like Picasso or Mozart, Steve has a body of work that spans all genres and will be around forever. I am so grateful to have lived in the time of Gadd. I have had the incredible opportunity to have met Steve in the late ‘70s, performed at many drum shows globally with him, and experienced the “Gadd Aurora.” Yes, an aurora!  When you meet Steve or hear him play live or on recordings you enter a space that lifts you, inspires you and brings you joy at the highest levels.

Gadd: A Life in Time captures his aurora! As you read this you will be captured in a life that continues to raise the quality of life through the power of music! Gadd be with you!”
– Dom Famularo (Drumming’s Global Ambassador)

“In my opinion, Steve is arguably the most influential drummer in the modern era. This book documents his evolution as player and gives us a microsopic look at his unique skills. I’m honored to be able say a few words about this humble man. All of us who play this instrument have a piece of him inside of us. Thank you, brother.”
– David Garibaldi (Tower of Power)

“During my Berklee College of Music years in the early ’70s, Steve Gadd’s influence was strong on me and virtually all drummers coming up. Steve’s influence is still with me to this day. Gadd: A Life in Time is a deep dive into all things Steve Gadd. Every drummer on the planet will benefit from reading, listening to the tracks, and r-reading this long overdue book.”
– Steve Smith (Journey, Vital Information)

“It’s hard to quantify how much influence Steve has had on not only the drumming world, but music itself. Luckily for me when I was an eager 15 years old, I became aware of the wonderful recordings of Steve. I say ‘luckily’ because if I’d been born in a different era I would have been influenced by another drummer or drummers, and his magic would not have hit me at just that right moment for my own development. Steve is the most musical drummer you’re ever likely to hear, and he has such an amazing sense of time, groove, and swing—I just couldn’t get enough of his inventive playing. There is a deep musicality flowing in all his drumming. You don’t necessarily need to meet him to feel that he’s a compassionate and kind person. It’s right there in everything he plays—and it is so obvious. Steve listens to the other musicians and plays without ego. Thank you so much, Steve. You changed my life and showed me a beautiful path to the future.

This book is an absolute treasure trove of golden Gadd-ness. If you are a Steve Gadd admirer (and I’ve never met a drummer who isn’t) this is really an essential read. Packed with so many brilliant transcriptions of favourite performances and insightful interviews, it will take you through the profound career of the musical legend that is Steve Gadd.”
– Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree, King Crimson)

“This is the quintessential book on Steve Gadd to date. I could not put it down once I picked it up. It hits everything from the historical behind-the-scenes stories, the breakdown of Steve’s iconic grooves, his gear choices throughout the years, and even Steve’s personal struggles and victory over them. This is not only a ‘must have’ book for drummers—this is a book that should be in the collection of all music lovers.”
– Joe Testa (Vice President of Artist Relations, Avedis Zildjian Co.)

“Steve Gadd. A name that makes drummers of all stripes smile and tap their feet. A name synonymous with impeccable time, an incredible feel, and a groove so deep you can swim in it. I can’t think of Steve without smiling—or laughing! He has the uncanny ability to always know what to play and what not to play. He puts the music before his ego—every time. If I had to sum up what makes Steve so special and unique, it would be equal parts his musicality, creativity, and humility. This retrospective on Steve is like nothing else that has been done before. Hudson Music does a deep dive into Steve’s long and prolific career, and leaves no stone (or paradiddle) unturned. Truly the definitive book on Steve Gadd and his unbelievable body of work. I am so deeply honored to be a part of it, and to call Steve my friend.”
– John DeChristopher (Creator/Host “Live From My Drum Room” Podcast and Third Rate Drummer)


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