We’re all going through a challenging time right now but we’ll make it out of this together. We’ve developed a new series of 7-day practice routines focusing on specific topics in order to bring about noticeable improvement in various areas in a relatively short amount of time through daily work.

We recommend playing each exercise at least 20 times.

Exercises 1-4: Tempo range 120-160bpm

Exercise 1 is a simple hand to hand pattern that will both help solidify transitioning between duple and tuplet rhythms as well as loosen up your hands for the forthcoming exercises.

Exercise 2 follows the same framework as the previous but now has some accents thrown in.

Exercise 3 uses paradiddle and paradiddle-diddles. Pay attention to the stick heights, especially coming out of the initial 2 accents.

Exercise 4 is a good endurance and dexterity builder for either hand.

Exercises 5 & 6: Tempo range 50-70bpm

These exercises deal with ‘“filling in the gaps”. Program the “Rhythm Chain into SYNKD, this will act as your metronome. Line up your leading hand with it and simply fill in the rest of the rhythm with your other hand. They will both help improve your timing as well as provide a very good work out for your weaker hand.

Exercises 7 & 8: Tempo range 60-85bpm

Exercise 7 is a good endurance drill designed to get you fluid in transitioning between 16th notes and Sextuplets. It’s the same sticking structure as in Exercise 3, the rhythm is just twice the speed.

Exercise 8 is a great exercise that flips the stickings to either hand throughout the 4 bars. The first 2 bars can be thought of as 2 big bars of paradiddles, but instead of R’s and L’s, they are organized by note rate. 4-6-4-4/6-4-6-6.

The next 2 bars can be thought of as inverted paradiddles 4-6-6-4/6-4-4-6.

Tag us in your videos with these exercises + SYNKD on Instagram for a chance to be reposted. Happy practicing!

7-Day Practice Pad Routines

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