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Artisti inclusi:

Todd Sucherman
Mike Portnoy
Carter Beauford
Gregg Bissonette
Spanky McGurdy
Chris Coleman
John Blackwell
Mike Mangini
Gavin Harrison
and many more…..

DVDs Inclusi in questo pacchetto:

Methods & Mechanics II (Todd Sucherman)
Musical Drumming in Different Styles (Gregg Bissonette)
Playing With Your Drums (Derek Roddy)
Making Music (Carter Beaufort, Victor Wooten)
What Drives the Beat (Jason Bittner)
Rhythmic Visions (Gavin Harrison)
In Constant Motion (Mike Portnoy)
Intense Metal Drumming 2 (George Kollias)
Advanced Independence and Polyrhythms (Various)
Off Time/On Time (Spanky McCurdy)
The Grid (Mike Mangini)
Blast Beats Evolved (Derek Roddy)
A Day in the Recording Studio (Mark Schulman)
Wicked Beats (Gil Sharone)
Snare Drum Basics (Bob Breithaupt)
Playing with Precision and Power (Chris Coleman)
Ultimate Lessons: Prog Rock (Various)
Ultimate Lessons: Hand Technique (Various)
Afro-Cuban Drumming for the Drumset (Phil Maturano)
Jason Bittner & Chris Adler: Modern Drummer Festival 2005 (Jason Bittner, Chris Adler)
The Art of Playing Brushes (Steve Smith, Adam Nussbaum, Various)
Technique, Grooving and Showmanship (John Blackwell)
Ultimate Lessons: Bass Drum (Various)
Arrival (Russ Miller)
Document (Karizma, Vinnie Colaiuta)

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